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This Is How We Do It

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Choose 1 of our 3 package options:

  • Wine and Beer Pour Service

  • Wine and Beer Pour Service + 2 Signature Drinks

  • Full Bar Service

Once you've nailed down your perfect package, it's time to get down to business and create a quote. Just fill in the necessary info, and boom! Everything you've chosen effortlessly makes its way to us. We'll dive right in, reviewing your choices, making sure every little detail is on point.

3. Add Any Extras

Once we've had a chance to dive into your choices and let the creative sparks fly, we'll reach out to you via the interwebs or phone (your choice). Consider it our way of checking in on your vision and discussing any extras you might want to prove how EXTRA you are. We're extra too. So, we're here for it.

4. Pay Invoice

Once all the nitty-gritty paperwork is sorted and cinched with a virtual high-five, it's time to seal the deal. To secure your event date, we kindly ask for a 50% payment of the total invoice price. This is your golden ticket! Just a heads up, the deposit is non-refundable, so make sure you're all in. Once that's taken care of, we're ALL YOURS (well, at least for the hours you've hired us)!

5. Final Details

Time for scheming. For those adventurous souls who have opted for anything other than our Beer and Wine Pour Service, get ready for our 30-minute phone consultation. We'll dive into whatever crazy ideas you've cooked up, what your overall concept is, and anything else you may want to let us know or ask us.


However, if talking isn't your thing and you don't really give a rat's behind (they're kinda cute tho!) about the details, we'll just handle it for you. We do that too. 

6. Shopping (You & Us)

All the choices have been made, date is locked in, and we're partnering up on shenanigans. All that's left to do is SHOP! We buy alllllll the things.... cups, napkins, ice, mixers, garnishes, picks, straws, juices, sodas, the list goes on.


BUT the alcohol itself is on you, baby. We'll give you a super detailed shopping list with exact quantities and brands. You just add it to your cart and select delivery. All you really have to do is pay for it (gotta love Florida law). Easy peasy. This way, you don't have to pay an insane mark-up to us or a caterer, and most of what doesn't get opened can be returned!


We'll show up about 1-2 hours early. We set up, prep, and decorate while you chill out. We've got this covered. It's GAME TIME! This party is for YOU, and it's GOIN' DOWN!

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